🍎 Frame

A MacBook Pro cover recycled into a neat glowing frame.


Why did I do this?

My MacBook Pro was greatly damaged in a car accident but I could not bring myself to just put it in the trash. I kept it in my office for months, looking for something to do with it. In the meantime, I learned to do some woodworking so I had the idea to build a simple frame around the MacBook's cover. Then, it became pretty obvious that I needed to put a LED behind the Apple logo so it could be illuminated.

What I learned

This project brought me out of my comfort zone, it was very fun and challenging to do. I explored subjects in areas I don't know much about such as woodworking and electronics using Arduino. I also learned a bit about colour models when I was looking for a way to cycle through the colour spectrum. Iterating on RGB values produced janky results but the HSV colour model provided a very clean way to achieve my goal.