My personal website where I share some projects I built.

Why did I do this?

As developers, I think it's important to expose ourselves and our skills to the world. Also, knowing that a project will be publicly available motivates me to complete it, so I created a place to share my projects.

I played around a bit with web technologies in the past, but never built a real project so I decided to explore a web framework and build something with it. I picked Laravel because of the positive feedback I read about it online but also mostly because of the amazing tutorials produced by Jeffrey Way at Laracasts.com.

What I learned

Since I chose to use Laravel, I learned(and I am still learning) how the framework works. I also sharpened my limited skills with front-end tools and researched good practices for web development, REST services and server setup/deployment.

When the core features needed to manage this site were completed, I slowly lost interest in adding more. I maintained it for about a year, then I decided to rewrite it using Jigsaw. You can learn more about Jigsaw and the migration on my blog.