All projects

  • A MacBook Pro cover recycled into a neat glowing frame.

  • Omnipresence </archived>
    A native iOS app to simplify Omnivox's web attendance sheet submission on mobile devices.

  • Toboggan </archived>
    An iOS app allowing to browse websites, opening a custom viewer when navigating to PDF files.

  • Hermes </archived>
    A simple wrapper of Facebook Messenger web client.

  • GPlay Music </archived>
    A wrapper of the Google Play Music web player which supports mac's media keys(play, pause, next).

  • Web app aggregating multiple media sources to quickly select what to watch or listen to.

  • A very basic app deployment management tool to host projects on my home server.

  • Basic PHP framework providing a minimal implementation of the MVC pattern.

  • A content management system allowing to organize sources in a diaporama to be played from a webpage.

  • Events organized in my area focused around sharing and learning about cyber security.

  • This website makes my classes material and schedule available to my students.

  • This is my blog, I write articles on various topics such as opinions, tutorials or reviews.

  • My personal website where I share some projects I built.

  • hexibits </archived>
    A simple web page allowing to display an animated carousel of different medias sources.